The Joshis in Hudson 2019 Seminar

Please join us, as the dynamic duo – Drs. Bhawisha & Shachindra Joshi – are back again with us to share their exciting and easy to use case-taking map, to go with their map of Materia Medica and the system of levels of human development. In this seminar, plants and animals, including reptiles, butterflies, and beetles will be further explored. For more on the Joshis, click here. See a sample of our 2018 seminar here:

The MAP of All Remedies

The Joshis have been known as the undisputed dynamic duo of homeopathy since 2001. They have been teaching and practicing homeopathy for the past 20 years in the USA, Europe, Russia, Japan and Australia. For 19 years they have worked exhaustively and exclusively with the Sensation Method. In this seminar, the Joshis continue with their teachings regarding their concept of the overlap between mineral and animal kingdom in particular and between all kingdoms in general. Can we have more than one remedy state in us? Based on their years of experience and the study of their failures and successes, they have now come up with answers to several unanswered questions. The Joshis have worked extensively with these concepts, tested them and are eager to share them so that you can use these ideas in your practice as well.

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The MAP of all remedies


The number of remedies placed on the MAP have increased significantly over the last few years. Most sub kingdoms in animalia have been placed on this MAP.

We have many more options to help our patients and give lasting results.

Now is the time to:

  • Fine tune every step of case taking
  • Fine tune the logic behind every question
  • Ask questions with specific objectives
  • Understand the expanded materia medica at our disposal

What we have to offer in Hudson 2019

  • The magic of columns and its clear precise role in case taking/analysis
  • Remedies of all columns and how to see columns in plants and animals
  • Install the case-taking software in your minds to understand what questions need to be asked to gain a deeper understanding of the appropriate levels and columns
  • Animal cases-based on strength & weakness of every columns clearly
  • Magic of Level prescription: Several videos and number codes of cases with life changing results with the knowledge of columns and levels
  • Spotting levels & columns in Children cases
  • Reptiles – A whole new dimension – understanding lizards, crocodiles, snakes and turtles on the MAP
  • The surprising element of Level 4 in reptile cases
  • Butterflies and beetles on the MAP
  • Some plants that correspond to animals

New This Year: The Vertebrate chart

An updated chart of reptiles, refined mammals & amphibians.

Here is a sample of what to expect:


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